2020, the grandest show in NH

Every Presidential election cycle New Hampshire receives as much media attention as all other state contests combined. New Hampshire is the first state to vote in the Primary Election, and is a battleground for all candidates. Upset or weak showing by a front-runner in this state can change the calculus of national politics in a matter of hours. Candidates try to secure votes anyway they can. From holding Town Halls in basements, house parties in homes of whomever will host them, and speeches at Universities. The state becomes a temporary Political circus. 

Candidates who do poorly frequently drop out, while lesser-known, underfunded candidates who do well in New Hampshire suddenly become serious contenders, receiving large amounts of media attention and campaign funding. With Trump in office, there are 22 candidates(20 of them Democrats) trying for the 2020 election. This is the most candidates a Presidential election has ever seen. A win in New Hampshire increases a candidate’s share of the final primary count in all states by 27 percentage points. While it is still early, this political season is one of boldness. Until the primary vote on Tuesday February 11, 2020 anything goes.

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